Album Just Re’d Up


I beat the pussy up up up ooh up up up up

Verse 1: Iamsu

Make it shake, like a vibrator
Laugh now, I’mma make you cry later
Your boyfriend was a bitch nigga bye hater
I’mma get deep in it tomb raiders all in the crib
Room raiders yeah I’m a dog I be hollering at the moon baby(awhoooo)
I’ll break kids but I’mma grown man watch me beat it from the back
Play with that pussy with my hands
We can do it on the floor or the chair ma
Matter of fact we can do it anywhere, huh
Call me, I can get it juicy for you
Set the camera up, I can make a movie for you
I’m a nasty nigga I ain’t never lie
It’ll make you wanna keep the baby, Kevin Federline
Young Su nigga, no I don’t fuck around
Your girl calling me begging me to fuck her now

Verse 2: LoveRance

Yeah I eat it, but much rather beat it
Lick yo’ girl down cause I know she really need it
Yeah I get her wet, wetter then she ever been
Now she telling me that she gonna tell all her friends
I’m like okay, bring ’em all along
As long as I can stick my tongue in between her thong
Yeah I’m nasty I know ya’ like it
Lick the bottom lip baby girl ya gon’ bite it
Yeah I go deep I love it from the back
Arch that back, make that ass clap
Make the pussy squirt yea I got stroke
Tell me where it hurts
Spread them legs, little mommy watch me work
Tell what it is, show me what it could be
Pussy on my lips, juice box tastes good to me
Put it on my tongue, fill me on up
Put it in your gut, tear the pussy up

Verse 3: YG

I beat the pussy up like Ali
Mexican bitches call a nigga papi
Stop signs won’t even stop me
Oh yo’ name Tati, well what that shit do
Young cold nigga, fuck you in the igloo
I’m the pipe man fuck you on the nightstand
She said her ass look fat in the right pants
And you know I ate her pussy cause she light skinned
Fuck you on the bed, bathroom, or the couch
Yea I get it in baby girl no doubt
I make you say ooh I make you say oh
I hit it from the back while you touch yo’ toes
We could do it on the stairs, do it upside down
I heard you got a boyfriend, fuck that clown
And guess what, she call me when she need to fuck
Cause she know I beat that pussy up
(She need that aye!)


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