Yo Body


Album 4Hunnid Degreez

Verse 1: YG

I tell ’em, what up babe
I know you tired of your niggas saying they gon’ do things you know they can’t
That’s some shit you shouldn’t tolerate
I’ll tell you too I’ll fucking do this shit but honestly
I know I dedicate my life to this music
But I’m tryna be there when you confiscate
See I can bring you love and everything above
Plus good girls need a thug
No I ain’t the one you went to school with
But I can be the one you do the things you do it with
And even though we just met
I’m still thinking we should do it cause it’s just sex(you know)

Hook: Sampled from “Keith Sweat – My Body

In the middle of the night you know my body’s feening for you baby
Gotta call you up and let you know this is what I’m feeling baby
Baby it’s an emergency I’m calling cause, I gotta have some more
How would you like it if I lay you down (if I lay you down, yeah)
Would you like it if I was to sex you down
Can’t think about nothing else since you last let me give you love
It ain’t no secret girl your body fit me like a glove

My body all over your body, babe (Baby, it’s your body, babe)
Your body all over my body, babe (Your’s over mine)
My body all over your body It’s your body, baby (It’s yours all over, over your body, babe)
My body all over your body, babe (It’s your body, yeah)
Your body all over my body, babe (I cling to your body, baby)
My body all over your body (Baby, it’s your body, babe)
Oh, it’s your body babe, all over my body, girl


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