Know That

YNW Melly

Album Collect Call


Boht o ya’ll hoes bahahaha
Rod Wave, what up?
Shot the hundred K
From the 772 to the 727
DJ Sure Fire


You just, you just got outta school and you ain’t in college
Your friends only say all you care bout is knowledge
I like it, I like you, I swear that I do
I ain’t lying to you and you know that
All these niggas be tripping they can’t get no pictures
Okay they pulling out they Kodaks
And you know that (know that)
And you know that (know that)
I’m down for you and you know that
And you know that (know that)
And you know that (know that)
I’m here for you and you know that
And you know that (know that)
And you know that (know that)
I’m down for you and I care for you
And you know that
You know that
You know that

Verse 1

Aye, dropped outta school
Hating these dudes (fuck these niggas)
Making that money, I’m counting the money they acting real funny
Because I done started
Getting plenty money in the club and I’m going retarded
But you ain’t get nothing from me
Aye, acting like everything in this world is free
But you know I rock these girls ain’t shit to me
They already know how I rock and she is a thot
We get it popping all at my party
Women and all of them off the Molly’s, shawty tripping, aye
Just pull the bottle, chug some Henny girl
Why are you playing with my fucking emotions
Little nigga made it out a hero
And you niggas tripping but your score is zero
And niggas winning yeah we in the lead
Pussy niggas you ain’t got no speed
Next door neighbor claiming he want beef
I could give two fucks about the shit that you be saying
Nigga I know where you living
I got plenty


if you got
I got plenty niggas who would shoot
Run up on me wrong and if a nigga wanna test
I’m a bust his ass on the way to road, aye
Bust him open like a pinata
I’m the niggas told the new chopper
If you real put your motherfucking hands up
RIP Big Cool, RIP Big Cool, RIP Cool

Verse 2

Free all my niggas now who tryna get it
And rest in peace nigga who died tryna make a living
She ain’t never had a young nigga out the trenches
Put that Molly in a bottle and now baby in her feelings
Can’t decide it when she ride it like a


She can’t decide it when she find out that a nigga ain’t a gimmick
I’m the real deal baby, the real deal baby
I’m a roll through the show but I’m still here baby
Shawty is


he’ll do baby
In the




I can still chill baby
Need a dose of that dope I’m a pill mill baby
You not a joke I can show you a real nigga baby
Call a nigga phone and tell a nigga she need me
In the car alone I still fuck her to Breezy
Shoulda turn a hoe she remind me of TV
Woulda run the hoe she remind me of Fiji


Yeah yeah uh
DJ ure Fire
Collect Call EP

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