Thug Melodies

YNW Melly

Album Collect Call

Intro: YNW Melly


Verse 1: YNW Melly

I had to go get it and flip it and run it up, fuck it I stacked it
Lil Melly a savage, he ride in a stolen car, bustin’ in traffic
Can’t fuck with the bitch ’cause the bitch is a pussy bitch, she got a daddy
And I might have to kill her daddy, we put pistols to your pappy
No we are not from where you from, we don’t care, we gon’ dumb
I am before the bitch, I might abort the mission, whoa
I cannot fuck with her, we like to flip the pigeon
Desert eagle on my waist and you know I keep it with me
Fuck the society, bitch I’m a savage
My bitches flawless, your bitches average
Don’t run up on none of my niggas ’cause we whackin’ shit
That forty make a pussy nigga moonwalk like Michael Jackson did
Who, pullin’ up in a new car
Melly why you go so far?
I just want to go so far
I had to remix it and flip it and run in your house and I stacked it
Lil Melly a savage, he bustin’ at pussy niggas all in traffic
Ain’t nothin’ no pressure, I swear to God if I catch him I’ma blast him
No I do not give no fucks lil bitch, fuck school, I don’t go to classes
Thumbin’ through a check, got a hundred bands, and on my mama the mansion
You say that you want it, you want it lil jit, I hope you ’bout that action
Bitch I got bloods from Miami all the way to damn Sebastian
Pussy nigga why you asking, uh, hit his ass with a spatula
Whip it up, whip it up, flip it and then we gon’ run it up
Remember when all of them bitches didn’t even fuck with us
But now they be suckin’ and fuckin’, them bitches some bust ’em ups
The bitch is a patient, she suckin’ that dick, man that bitch is a customer
Bust ’em up, lay ’em down
Automatic SK hold a hundred rounds
Don’t say a word, don’t make a sound
Just hit the ground, it’s goin’ down
Bitch it’s a robbery, get the fuck on the floor ‘fore I have to bust you
These fuck niggas say that they on it but these niggas sweeter than some gushers
Melly got the SK, that bitch gon’ sing like it’s Usher
You ain’t with it then fuck you, chopper eat you for supper

Verse 2: Project Youngin

I really came from them trenches, yeah I’m straight out the bottom
Any nigga want problems, load up them choppers, we gon’ go solve ’em
They don’t know how it feel, when I was broke, yeah them tears was fallin’
Plottin’ on them licks, slidin’ in stolen whips, back street, we was really crawlin’
Anything for a dollar, that’s where my mind was at
All I know is hustle, seein’ my mama struggle, I wasn’t fine with that
Keep a deal if it ain’t a mil, I ain’t signing that
Saint Pete, bitch I’m born and raised, that’s where I’m grinding at
You don’t know how it feel to be shackled, physically and mentally
These hoes be problems, they just want a dollar
Tell me is you really in to me?
Other things aside, you can smoke and ride
Put my problems all on this beat
It’s gon’ be a problem when lil Melly free, ayy, this thug melodies
Gettin’ money, we be kickin’ it
You just internet thuggin’, ain’t with the shits
Mention my name and we gon’ get them sticks
Bust your brain, hit you with the blitz
For some change I’ma send a hit
Know they keep them dicks, call Ray and Nick
Really in the field, we be shaking shit
You don’t how it feel, you just takin’ pics
I really came from nothin’ but I’m ballin’ now
Two years later, Project Youngin who they talkin’ ’bout
Couple hoes ain’t wanna let me fuck, they be stalkin’ now
And I hate a bitch always starting shit, tellin’ lies like what you talkin’ ’bout
Yeah, yeah, can’t tell me nothin’
Yeah, I came up hustlin’, yeah
This that thug melodies, they be feelin’ me, hey
Lil Project Youngin man, can’t tell me nothin’ man
This thug melodies, and I can’t wait ’til all my niggas free

Outro: Project Youngin

Yeah, hey, hey
Hey, yeah yeah, Youngin ho
It’s lil Project Youngin man, can’t tell me nothin’ man
Lil Melly what’s up man? 772 to the 727, you feel me

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