Yo Gotti

Album CM8: Any Hood America


We ridin Lambs like they Ubers
We got rates for the shooters
Roley watches like they G-Shock’s
This money here come from the crackspots

Cause I’ma blow a bag, I’ma blow a bag
Ima get it back, so I can blow a bag
Ima get it back, yeah Ima get it back
Ima blow a bag, cause Ima get it back

Verse 1

I just went to Neiman’s, and I just blew a bag
Copped that new Givenchy, and I didn’t see the tags
Thirty two fifty, half a quarter for a shirt
And we call it that sauce, work
Pull up in a


, leave the valet
And when I hit the gas; skirrt
Take of a like a rocket, if you the plug then I’m the socket
Niggas hate but they can’t stop it, I just blew another bag
Dealership with ‘nother tags, swapped it up another swag
Bought my bitch another bag, another bitch I know she mad
I just blew another check, I just bought another Tec
I been waitin on pussy niggas, Ima die for this respect

Verse 2

Half a brick for a section, Im in club Liv flexin
I can’t wait till that confetti drop, when they play me and that Fetty Wap
I just got a trap queen, plus I got a trap phone
I got minutes on the prepaid, so don’t hit me on the iPhone
Pop a pill pop a pill I’m in my zone, I might wake up in a whole nother timezone
I don’t remember shit from yesterday, fuck it, thinkin bout tomorrow anyway


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