Yo Gotti

Album Concealed

Hook: Yo Gotti

I know Colombians, and amigos
I’m the neighborhood hero
If I front everyone a kilo
I might be a superhero
I know Colombians, and amigos
I’m the neighborhood hero
And when that choppa go beast mode
Don’t try to be no super hero

Verse 1: Yo Gotti

When there work on the way, this shit can get real
Money got caught on the highway, fucked up a mill
And the plug from Medellin
But I keep shooters on the team
And I call my plug Griselda
Mama I will never be a failure
Ain’t no telling what I sell ya
I got shit rock bricks, wrapped up in the trailer
I’m the neighborhood hero
Fishing for a lick, ya nigga nemos
I heard they got me on the fed list
Niggas bidding for the bricks like I’m on craiglist

Verse 2: Shy Glizzy

Bitch I just left out of Puerto Rico
I was fucking with them amigos
Jefe been fucking with the coco
But we gon’ keep that on the d-low
Bank account got zeroes
In the suite with 3 hoes
Choppas for my young niggas, that be at your peep holes
GG super heros, GG we got kilos
We gon’ shoot you like some B-Roll
Niggas call me ironman, cuz I keep the irons man
Nigga, I got the weight, you selling dimes man
Snort this line man, turn to Frankenstein man
Trapping out of section 8, I keep my nine man


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