Honor Of The Streets

Yo Gotti

Album CM8: Any Hood America

In the honor of the streets
I won a trophy cause I sold so many keys
Where either the activist or the antifreeze
I been on the road and my driver stop me in Atlanta please
By magic city so I can see the luscious sky
Don’t hold cheese , takin out the rapper
Boy I’m not a rapper , legendary trapper
Double OG riding in the Audi with the four o’s on em
Its not a spaceship if it ain’t got the lift up golds on em
Old school colors the chevy, still got the fours on em
Mac 11 and the tech still got the hold on em
Ooh i never planned to seen a nigga
But i bought a gucci louie and a prada
Then i went to men in blue a free dollar
Boy i spent a band like im on a collar
X’s on the shirt thats davinnci
Gangstas in my phone yu dont hear me
No response no response
Treat the bitch like she is no return
I dont fuck with it
Theres blow in the kitchen i fuckwith it
Theres snow in the town know it come wit it
Theres more money to get
The honor of the streets
Shawty got the new chanel bag , trophy
Young nigga got a rolley , and thats a trophy..
When yu pull ya whip in the hood nigga thats ya trophy
Know you lookin good stuntin on nigga. just how you post it
Pockets full of blue hunnits nigga that a trophy
First i copped a 550 now im in a woah
Versace sace had to introduce her plus im walkin on my gellas like i used too
In the honor of the streets im in the kitchen whippin whippin wrist until i (????)

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