Real Rap

Yo Gotti

Album Concealed

Gotti talking:

Yeah, I just shot a video in Yonkers nigga , shit crazy, huh
And I grew up bumping that motherfucking D-Block
Styles P, you know I get high
That motherfucking Jada, look

Verse 1 : Yo Gotti

Dam, life against the odds
Finally got a plug, lost the feds, he got robbed
Damn, since I been running with the mob
Ain’t nun but drive by’s, homicides and shooting up niggas cars
Whats the point of being a street nigga kicking with the stars
Though the niggas that you really loved locked behind bars
I was hustling in the day, pulling moves in the dark
Nigga ya ain’t even got a clue ’bout me, I swear to God
They say I’m real and they say I’m humble
Get money out the hood where I’m most comfortable
Play with me and Imma go bucks
Shot a video in the middle of Yonkers
Real niggas, what’s up?

Jadakiss talking:

Know my pops from Memphis
I use to got out there every summer as a kid, know what I mean?
Ride around listening to the O’Jays and shit

Verse 2: Jadakiss

Only thing I ask Pools to do is loop the beat again
I came back strong Adrian Peterson
They wanted to smoke dust so I brought them leader in
See you at the cross roads that’s if we ever meet again
School never lets out, a lot of shit you never know
Sitting on the motherload these niggas telling tho
Fell back I can’t be around y’all haters
Praying for my downfall, downfall prayers
Then you wonder why I be around ball players
Cause these niggas doing the Feds small favors
Yeah, I survived in the trenches
I reside where the strength is, salute North Memphis

Verse 3: Yo Gotti

They hollering D-Block on these blocks
10 pounds of mid green in my weed spot
I had a brick in a half in the Fiat
Got on a seat belt watching for speed clocks
You see a road block you know you gotta detour
35 in the drought for a kilo
I’m getting money on the east shout to B-more
Get these haters out my view so I can see more
Clearly, it clearly niggas is not the one they say they is
Its clearly that they not bout that life they say they live
Ian not a trap rapping nigga I speak real life
I just beat a case I was facing 10 to life
I’m a multimillionaire if I die tonight
Five off this rap shit, and one off the white
Me an Kiss did some epic shit
And to you fuck niggas this some disrespectful shit

Verse 4: Jadakiss

Yo, they hollering CMG, when they see them G’s
Cause they see them pounds and they see them keys
And they see this ice and they see these V’s
But the shooters squeeze on S.I.T.E
I use to dream on having one key of that white
Now I got a whole trailer you can see them tonight
If he try some funny I got two Glocks for’em
My man’s ’bout to come home I got a shoe box for him
Youngin’ told me he thuggin’ I played some 2Pac for him
Then I gave him some work and got a new block for him
Then they hate when you get it so say that you frontin’
Fuck niggas, die slow, ion owe nobody nothing
Few things that I love that’s my weapons and plug
On a graveyard shift tears sweating to blood, what?
Me and Gotti and some hood shit
Ah migos just hit me said he got some good shit

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