Our Bars

Young Thug

Album I Came From Nothing 2


New Bentley, not rentin’ it
Five hoes with me, they trickin’
No splitin’, bring it all
You trippin’, ho take it off
Let them folks see what you got
Take a nigga studio and bring it to my spot
Roc Crew will make yo block hot
Then hit the club and pop them and pop them Xans
We Kind Krip Killas, not Ku Klux Klan
I promise I don’t love that hoes, but I love my man dem
No homo tho, but I’m solo tho
Cause thats how you get more dough tho
I had them bitches looking weird cause I let boo 4-4 shoe
I didn’t have mine on me that day so JimBo had to kick door
You know we spend that cash everyday like we get 4-4 tho
And free Obama fuck them snitches haha like speedo
Shoutout to 1426, my left wrist is a half a brick
My right wrist is a whole brick, yo bitch on some more shit, umkay
Like young Future she know this, Im leaning with LeOtis
I fly past, you floatin’, umkay
Yo young bitch with another bitch
And another bitch and another bitch
And another bitch and another bitch, they gay
They ridin’ round with Young Thug but they not gettin big
They might get enough to get braids like cliche

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