Dwanzi is a Swahili word meaning foolish or stupid. The peace express Love which is a complicated feeling, especially when he/she is the right one for you. this are confusing statements from a lover who is not sure of his/her feelings. Despite being hurt by the Patner and feeling hatred, he is not ready to leave, like enjoying the pain. its an expression of a confused lover , because the partner is causing a lot of pain and trouble ..but despite all the pain, he or she can’t leave..the knife represents the Stubborn partner , the blood represents the pain..and despite the knife cutting and hurting the character in the cover photo ..he can’t stop because he enjoys the pain.. How do we call that in English ..probably madness and in #LeteipaDictionary we call it #Dwanzi
Track: Dwanzi
Artist: Leteipa the King
Audio: Big Daddy
Directed by: Martography
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