Nasir Chaudhry is an Pakistani Punjabi singer and actor. He is best known for his songs “Makeup”, “Sadgi Teri Nai” and “Meri Yaad ” from Album Makeup. He made his singing debut with “Dekhi Chall” He had also won Punjabi Music Best Debut vocalist (Male) Award in 2021 at PTC Punjabi Music Awards. Nasir is an eminent name in the field of Music Industry who choose this profession because of his passion for art and music.

He is a Singer, music composer, Songwriter and likewise Music Producer. Since his childhood, he was fond of Singing, and without misspending a moment, Nasir took his dream thoughtfully, and today we know him as a Megastar of Music Industry. He is known for his Pop Music who made headlines with his debut single ’Makeup’ Nasir is a Young and competent Artist who has likewise made him name in Bollywood.

Nasir is a Multifaceted Artist of Pakistani Showbiz Industry. He is among those artists who have worked across the globe too. He is a Singer, Music composer and Songwriter. He received immense acclaim with his debut album ‘Sadgi Teri Nai’ that features a few of his all-time hit songs. This article has all the information regarding Nasir including his Biography and Nasir Chaudhry Songs. As a Composer With his debut single, he also made his debut as a Composer by composing all the songs of his Debut Album ‘Makeup’ along with Mehmood J. Later he composed various Pakistani and Indian Songs incorporating ‘Dekhi Chall’, ‘Akhiyan’ , ‘Meri Yaad’ and many more.

He is also the man behind composing one of the famous songs of 2021 ‘Chad Gae’. Nasir surely knows how to command all the fame and praises. A man with talent, Versatility and Humbleness.