Meet Nasir Chaudhry, A Young singer And songwriter In the age when most of us are confused about what subject to choose for graduation, 19 years old Nasir Chaudhry became one of the most talented singer in the town. Nasir Zaman, who is popularly known as Nasir Chaudhry, belongs to Bahawalnagar, but his talent knows no boundaries, He is a notable singer who has been the backbone of some of the very popular music projects. The list of his amazing projects is long, but some of his most successful and popular works are, which includes. Nasir Chaudhry was born in Bahawalnagar, Pakistan in a Punjabi Muslim family Father Muhammad Zaman Nasir he completed his school education in city Bahawalnagar. He began his career as a songwriting. He gained popularity through his debut single “Makeup” in 2021, And all the albums released after that were considered to be super hits. Single as all time are Gangwar in 2021.