Nasir Zaman, known to the world as Nasir Chaudhry, is not an easy person to get a hold of. And neither is he the most talkative.

Nasir was born in Bahawalnagar district, Punjab, and studied computer science before moving to Lahore in 2018 Officially, Nasir hit the music circuit in 2021 with Makeup, in collaboration with-Punjabi singer-songwriter, One of his major achievements, 1 of his most popular song Makeup peaked on UK Asian Chart.
and counting. Nasir Chaudhry has added to the success of numerous Songs through the sheer power of his PUNJABI-bhangrapop music

Nasir Chaudhry has made his stature in the industry because of his constant hustle and creativity. Listen to his amazing songs here and I bet you will fall in love with it.

Apart from this, he is a great lyricist and has written various tracks, including “Gangwar, Makeup, Meri Yaad

A great mix of melody and rap, his music belongs to the sounds of Generation

His skills are not just limited to singing, yet he is a wonderful lyricist, rapper, and actor as well.